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The air chamber of the drier is a plate house assembled from units and framed by corner holders, whosetop is covered by gilled floor ventilating panels. The ventilating panels can be removed, allowing an easy cleaning of the air chambers beneath them. The floor measures 4 meters by 4, its height is 40cm. The sectors of the floor which is divided into three equal parts can be separated, thus the drier may be operated with three different capacities or with various crops simultaneously. The side walls of the drying frame can be built up from planks to various heights.

In the case of multi-layer drying, the side walls can be progressively raised up to a height of 1.2 meters in accordance with layer thickness. The air channel running through the three separated sectors of the drier and the distributors belonging to it provide for the distribution of the drying air among the sectors.

The following crops can be dehydrated by the TERMIK-P16 drier with floor:
- fibrous and leaved crops, e.g. spice plants and herbs, alfalfa, etc.
- seeds, e.g. pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, etc.

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Technical parameters of the drier

Drying surface:

16 m2


1,5-19 m3
Water evaporating capacity (max.):
20-50 kg/hour
Drying temperature:
40 to 80oC
Built-in heat output:
70-140 kW
Heating method:
direct or indirect
Drying air volume:
6000-8000 m3
Built-in electric performance:
3,5 kW
Temperature control:

The technical parameters are of an informative character only and the manufacturer reserves the right of alteration.