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The TERMIK®-Z-10 is excellent for drying high moisture content vegetables, fruit, spice plants, herbs and other crops (e.g. mushrooms, pumpkin seed, flowers, etc.).  

The operation of the drier

The properly prepared crops should be spread evenly in a 1 to 2 cm thick layer over the crates or trays. In case of a peak load, 120 pieces of plastic crates or 60 pieces of aluminium trays can be placed in the drier. Dehydration is carried out intermittently. One lot is dried within 5 to 24 hours. The drying temperature, the volume of the drying air and the direction of the air flow inside the drier can be adjusted to preference during the operation of the equipment.

Main technical parameters of the drier

Drying surface:

24 m2

Loadability (depending on crop type):

100 to 200 kg
Water evaporating capacity (max.):
7 kg/hour
Drying temperature:
40 to 80oC
Fuel consumption (fuel oil):
1-2 kg/hour
Built-in electric performance:
1,0 kW
Inclusive dimensions: - length:
3500 mm
- width:
1250 mm
- height:
1735 mm
Equipment: - weigth:
600 kg
Temperature control:
Heating method:

indirect (with heat exchange)

Air control:


Air course:

a recirculated, enegysaving system

Bordering surfaces:

with heat insulation

The performance parameters stipulated above are valid mainly for the dehydration of high moisture content vegetables, fruit, spice plants and herbs. In addition to the above, the equipment can be excellently used for drying other crops as well (such as mushrooms, pumpkin seed, flowers, etc.).

The technical parameters are of an informative character only and the manufacturer reserves the right of alteration